hOmeLabs Portable Washing Machine

Believe it or not, portable washers are all the rage for small dorms, apartments, and more importantly, RVs and mobile homes. They’re compact, typically weighing at or less than 50 lbs, and wash clothes at a reasonable rate. If that interests you, the best washing machine might be the hOmeLabs Portable Washing Machine, with its 5 wash cycles, stainless steel drum, and space saving design.


The hOmeLabs Portable Washing Machine makes some great choices in its performance. It uses a stainless steel drum to help clean clothes further (prevents rust, too). And with 5 different wash cycles, you don’t run the risk of ruining your favorite clothes. That’s great and all—but you’re limited to 6 lbs of wash each load.

We felt the Panda Compact Washing Machine performed just slightly better. It handles two more pounds than the hOmeLabs Portable Washing Machine, and has 6 wash cycles instead of 5. The Panda Compact Washing Machine is $75 more, however.


Since the hOmeLabs 1.0 Cu Ft Portable Washing Machine suffers a bit in the performance department, its best feature has to be its design. Its dimensions are 17.7 x 18.1 x 31.5 inches, so only taking up 0.9 cubic feet of space. A cubic foot of space is a minimalist’s dream. It’s a top loader; clothing goes in at the top. It’s very easy to use with the LED display, providing options for washing and spin cycles. You can connect it to a nearby faucet or fill it up at the top. Just make sure you fill it to the required water level, not under or over.


What we found most difficult was the value behind the hOmeLabs Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine. At times it has good value, and other times it’s okay. Its performance is good, but hindered by a small load capacity. And its stainless steel drum really helps to clean clothes, not to mention 5 different washing programs. On that front, it has great value.

While it isn’t expensive compared to other portable washing machines, it isn’t the best choice. The Super Deal Portable Twin Tub and Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub are among the best portable washing machines, with the Giantext being a washer/dryer combo.

hOmeLabs Portable Washing Machine Review Wrap Up

Regardless of the hOmeLabs Portable Washing Machine’s shortcomings—limited to 6 lbs of laundry—it’s still a good washer. Sure, better options are available, but this only applies to individuals already equipped with a dryer. In return, you get a solid compact washer with 5 wash cycles, capable of being plugged into your nearest faucet.

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