hOmeLabs 11.6 Quart XXL 8-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

The hOmeLabs Air Fryer Oven fryer helps you to make your favorite fried meals easy, fast, and healthier. Not only fry it also helps to bake, broil, dehydrate and etc. This fryer always reduces the cost of your oil, now you can say goodbye to the old traditional deep fryer system. hOmeLabs has 8 cooking modes that allow controlling dial and LED touch screen controls and this fryer oven is family-sized one.

How to  hOmeLabs  Air Fryer Oven Controls

To control hOmeLabs Air Fryer Oven fist you should study its icons displaying on the LED screen, and you have to choose the right preset button and press, its program to automatically set the temperature and cooking time, no need to worry about the cooking procedure.

The Presets

The hOmeLabs air oven equipped with 8 different presets to enhance your favorite and homemade healthy foods.

hOmeLabs  Air Fryer Oven: How does it work?

This fryer oven not like other ovens in the market, as an example we can get the chicken function that can roast chicken equally & quickly with its 3600 heated cyclonic air and rotation without any types of oil. The best function of this oven preset dehydrator 90-1700F settings help you make a tasty and healthy meal at your home.

Size & Dimensions

This family size electric air fryer has 15.4”x12.6”x14.2” with 11.6-quart capacity can easily cook 4 lbs. of chicken inside. Size and power help to do many items fry or cook in a short time period.

  • 15.4″ x 12.6″ x 14.2″ electric air fryer with 11.6-quart capacity that can cook up to 4 lbs of chicken inside. It uses hot-air circulation and cooks your food from all angles without using oil and 1700W heating elements cook food faster. This fryer can make food healthier and without unwanted odor by doing away with frying.
  • Unlike others, this air fryer oven comes with a rotisserie chicken function that can roast chicken evenly with its 360° superheated cyclonic air and rotation. It also comes with a dehydrator function with 90-170°F preset settings that allows you to create healthy snacks at home. Roasting accessories and dehydrator trays included.

Setup & Usability

If you want to fry chicken from this fryer, you have to choose the chicken illustrated button and press it, then automatically set the temperature and cooking time, no need to worry about the cooking procedure, after that put your food into the fryer. You can see it fried chicken turns to the golden color.

Value of the hOmeLabs Air oven Fryer

This Oven has 8 different presets to make any kind of food from one device 8 food making from in 1 oven, 3600 rotation, and cyclonic highly heated air to quickly and quality frying functions.

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